What we do


We look into the essence of your business process and define key objectives and goals for your website. We build a clear behavior structure, UX scenarios and an integration scheme. Then we create a production plan and specify the most advanced technologies for future development solutions.

Development activities

According to the prepared plan, a team of highly experienced UX specialists, UI designers, illustrators, frontend and backend developers implement the designed solution in an incredibly short period of time. After each deploy of each iteration we perform advanced analysis and effectiveness assessment of the developed functionality.

  • UI

    Stunning UI solutions

  • Contact

    Amazing service and immediate response

  • UX

    Our own UX solutions researches

  • Mobile

    Adaptive & Responsive designs

  • Retina

    Retina display

  • Picture

    Awesome content creation (photo, illustration, etc)

  • Texts

    Professional journalists for easily readable texts

  • Speed

    Technologies stack for speed and performance optimization

  • CMS

    All popular CMS

  • Traffic

    Advanced monitoring and analytics systems

The details make your product perfect

Enormous attention to details and tight trendwatching gives us an extereme advantage so we can create truly perfect projects.

Work process

  1. Initial research, making a user scenarios concept.
  2. Detailed user scenarios and future production plan for the implementation of technology solutions. This is the beginning of the first iteration.
  3. Main work process, according to the production plan
  4. Deep analysis for completed tasks. Monitoring trends and making adjustments to the plan. This is the end of the first iteration.
  5. Additional tasks on the corrected plan, beginning of the second and future iterations.

Our own CRM system

Soup on desktop Soup on mobile Soup on laptop


is our own system for task and project management. A simple, transparent and convinient way to communicate with us and monitor the development proccess online.

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